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Run Faster and Farther, Pain-Free

The test procedure is very simple and straightforward. Once the client fills in their personal data, the test can begin. 

  • Running speeds between 9 to 24 km/h can be selected according to the client's level.

  • The test is only one minute long. A three-page comprehensive report is then generated, which includes an analysis of running performance, gait characteristics, and joint loading.

  • The report is reviewed thoroughly, then explained in detail by an experienced physiotherapist.

Clothing requirements:

  • Recommended: Tight-fitting clothes, such as athletic leggings and spandex shorts.

  • NOT recommended: Wide pants/shorts (e.g., basketball shorts) and clothes with black, glossy surfaces or reflective materials

  • Anything loose on the body should be fastened: 

    • Long hair should preferably be tied in a low bun at neck level.

    • Clients with voluminous hair should wear a cap or hair net to prevent hair from moving up and down while running.

    • Shoe laces should be tucked in. 



  • 可根據個人能力選擇跑步速度(9-24km/h)。

  • 測試時間大概1分鐘,便可得到一份詳細的報告。包括: 

  • "Running Performance"可以分析跑手慳力狀況。 

  • "Gait Characteristics" 可以全面分析跑手關節角度,及左右平衡,用來評估身體肌肉關節不平衡的地方。

  • "Joint Loading" 可以分析下肢關節壓力,用來推算關節在長時間跑步之下的勞損風險。

  • 報告會由物理治療師詳細分析及講解,找尋問題根源。



Jacky Leung

Allen Au Yeung

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