Markerless 3D

Biomechanics Assessment

In our opinion, the true strength with MotionMetrix is neither in the innovative idea of using depth cameras to collect running motion data nor the unique body segment detection algorithms of unparalleled quality. It is when the 3D segmental model of the runner has been established that we finally can get down to what we do best – make sense out of your running mechanics. We look at three biomechanical categories:

All categories rely on rigorous kinematic and kinetic calculations to extract the angles, forces, timing parameters and everything else that matters for a complete running mechanics assessment. Before, you needed to visit a fully equipped biomechanics lab and spend a day to get the same parameters. With MotionMetrix you get it in minutes, all in one tool. It’s your own biomechanics lab. If you don’t consider yourself an expert biomechanics, no problem. MotionMetrix helps you interpret the parameters and guides you in your assessment. 





MotionMetrix 是目前為止最全面的跑步分析工具,該系統是利用兩台深度感應器來獲取跑步時的3D運動訊息,優勢在於:

📍身體無需標記: 深度敏感器使用紅外線距離感知,每個像素點都包含物體的距離訊息,你只需踏上跑步機便可。

📍準確度高:使用特殊的算法進行3D重建和肢體折斷識別,可與Qualisys Oqus 4 marker-based motion capture system,Kistler Gaitway system 進行比對及得到相同的數據。

📍測試快: 1分鐘之內就可以完成測試。

"Running Performance"可以分析跑手慳力狀況 
"Gait Characteristic" 可以全面分析跑手關節角度,及左右平衡,用來評估身體肌肉關節不平衡的地方 
"Joint Loading" 可以分析下肢關節壓力,用來推算關節在長時間跑步之下的勞損風險


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