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Hong Kong’s Latest Running Gait and Biomechanics Assessment

In recent years, running and marathon racing have become increasingly popular in Hong Kong. Running is simple, requires minimal equipment, and makes use of various spaces and environments, making it an appropriate sport for a bustling city with limited space. However, beginner or recreational runners who do not receive professional advice and training often engage in incorrect running patterns, which can lead to injury. Professional athletes also need detailed feedback on running biomechanics to optimize form and performance.

To date, MotionMetrix is the most comprehensive running assessment tool invented. The system uses depth sensing cameras to capture 3D movement while running, which offers the following advantages:

📍No use of body markers. Depth sensing cameras use a pattern of near-infrared light for distance perception, wherein each pixel contains information about the distance to an object. Simply step onto the treadmill and your test is ready to begin.

📍High accuracy. Specialized algorithms perform rigorous kinematic and kinetic calculations to extract the angles, forces, and timing parameters used in a running motion. These enable 3D digital reconstruction and recognition of individual body segments with millimeter precision, comparable in accuracy to the Qualisys Oqus 4 marker-based motion capture and Kistler Gaitway systems.

📍Efficient testing. The entire test can be completed in under a minute.

📍Comprehensive results. The final analysis report includes a breakdown of the following components:

  • Running Performance – analyzes running economy

  • Gait Characteristics – offers a comprehensive analysis of joint angles and left-right balance status to evaluate muscle and joint imbalances

  • Joint Loading ­– identifies joint stress in the lower extremities to predict risk of strain after long periods of running

📍Minimal space requirements. The test does not require a large space, making it suitable for use in clinic and clubhouse environments.





MotionMetrix 是目前為止最全面的跑步分析工具,該系統是利用兩台深度感應器來獲取跑步時的3D運動訊息,優勢在於:

📍身體無需標記: 深度敏感器使用紅外線距離感知,每個像素點都包含物體的距離訊息,你只需踏上跑步機便可。

📍準確度高:使用特殊的算法進行3D重建和肢體折斷識別,可與Qualisys Oqus 4 marker-based motion capture system,Kistler Gaitway system 進行比對及得到相同的數據。

📍測試快: 1分鐘之內就可以完成測試。


  • "Running Performance"可以分析跑手慳力狀況 

  • "Gait Characteristic" 可以全面分析跑手關節角度,及左右平衡,用來評估身體肌肉關節不平衡的地方 

  • "Joint Loading" 可以分析下肢關節壓力,用來推算關節在長時間跑步之下的勞損風險


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