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By using depth sensing cameras, MotionMetrix products obtain quality 3D motion data without the need for body markers. The result: faster, easier, and more affordable motion capture solutions than ever before.

3D Running Gait

A comprehensive running gait assessment needs to capture movements of the whole body and the forces acting on it. The MotionMetrix 3D Running Gait system covers all essential aspects of running mechanics, such as:

  • Running economy based on mechanical work with elastic energy exchange calculations

  • Temporal & spatial stride parameters

  • Ground reaction force

  • Gait kinematics and joint loading for injury risk assessment

The system also includes the following features:

  • Elite and normative data from over 600 Hong Kong-based runners

  • Before-after overlay comparison

  • Data chart generation for over 60 parameters as a function of speed

  • Comprehensive PDF report and video file for sharing results

A complete 3D

running analysis and biomechanical profile in under a minute.

Running is the result of muscular forces acting on the body segments to produce forward motion. During optimal performance, these forces generate an efficient running stride with balanced distribution of load across joints. However, when muscular forces are imbalanced, stride becomes uneasy and risk of injury increases.

3D Clinical Gait

A gait assessment to efficiently screen for various conditions and provide corrective measures.

Clinical Gait analysis refers to the systematic study of human walking to distinguish normal function from pathological condition. The MotionMetrix 3D Clinical Gait system provides a standard set of gait parameters in which most pathological conditions are reflected, allowing for gait assessments previously only possible in advanced medical laboratories. Clinicians can therefore use it to efficiently screen for a variety of conditions and to follow up on corrective measures.

The system also has many features that take advantage of its full 3D capabilities, including the following:

  • All relevant gait parameters from the standard work “Gait Analysis: Normal and Pathological Function” by Jacquelin Perry

  • Center-of-mass trajectory in all three anatomical planes

  • Frontal plane hip and knee joint moments and angles

  • Sagittal plane hip and knee angles

  • Temporal and spatial stride variability parameters

  • Normative reference data

  • Before-after test overlay

The 3D Clinical Gait analysis system can be used alone or in combination with the Running Gait software.  

G2 Running Shoe Test

G2 is a cutting edge markerless 3D gait & force analysis platform for functional shoe fitting. A treadmill embedded force sensor captures each Newton of force that you apply.

The system enables clients to truly distinguish performance in one running shoe from another; with G2, this is now possible to do in your store.

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