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3D MotionMetrix Running Assessment

Run Faster, Farther and Pain Free

  • The testing procedure is very simple and straight forward. The applicant is required to fill in personal data and then the test can begin. 

  • Running speeds between 9 and 24 km/h can be selected according to the applicant's level.

  • The test is just last for one minute and all the three pages details report including running performance, gait characteristics and joint loading will be generated.

  • The report will be explained by the experienced physiotherapist.

  • Clothes requirement: Tight fitted clothes are suggested. Running tights are preferred choice. Running shorts (split shorts are recommended. Wide shorts that extend far down the thigh, such as basketball shorts, are not recommended.  The clothes with black glossy surfaces or reflex materials are not recommended. 

  • Anything loose on the body should be fastened, including: Long hair should preferably be knit to a low bun at neck level, not higher. Runner with voluminous har that moves up and down while running should wear a cap or hair net. Shoe laces should be tucked in. 


  • 測試過程非常簡單,測試只需輸入簡單個人資料便可開始測試。

  • 可根據個人能力選擇跑步速度(9-24km/h)。

  • 測試時間大概1分鐘,便可得到一份詳細的報告。包括: 

  • "Running Performance"可以分析跑手慳力狀況。 

  • "Gait Characteristic" 可以全面分析跑手關節角度,及左右平衡,用來評估身體肌肉關節不平衡的地方。

  • "Joint Loading" 可以分析下肢關節壓力,用來推算關節在長時間跑步之下的勞損風險。

  • 報告會由物理治療師詳細分析及講解,找尋問題根源。

  • 衣服要求:建議穿跑步緊身衣或運動短褲。不可穿寬大的短褲,例如籃球短褲。物料亦不可以使用黑色光澤表面或反射材料的衣服。身體上任何鬆動的東西都應該固定,包括:長頭髮最好紮髻於耳後。如頭髮蓬鬆者應佩戴帽子。鞋帶應塞進鞋入面。


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